Homeopathic ampul treatment

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900 / month for 6 months


Do you want to give your body and mind an extra boost in your daily life? Then this homeopathic ampul treatment could be the solution for you!

  • Do you need extra support and energy in your everyday life?
  • Would you like to support your body’s own healing process?
  • Do you want to work with the highest healing frequencies?

Homeopathic medicine promotes the body’s process of self-healing, which means that you, daily, easily can support the processes within your body, lovingly, with an ampoule treatment. Daily, we are exposed to experiences and chemicals that are pushing our system, both physically and mentally, therefore, it can be a healing solution to support the body’s processes with a homeopathic ampoule treatment.

Homeopathy helps your body to fight diseases and regain your healthy biological balance. Homeopathic medicine supports adjustment of your inner processing. Instead of suppressing the symptoms, homeopathy is designed to help the body regain the biological condition. Homeopathic medicine is designed to attain the best possible therapeutic results for you and your body!

A homeopathic ampul treatment is for you:

  • Who often feels that you live in your own little bobble and have no further energy or strength
  • Who have difficulties loosing weight and have too much extra fat on your bottom
  • Who suffer from hormone imbalance
  • Who have difficulties understanding your body and feel peace and happiness
  • Who suffer from acne, sensitive skin and eczema
  • Who want to boost your circulation and deminish blood shootings and cellulitis
  • Who suffer from pain, migraine and generally feel a heaviness in your body
  • Who want to boost your body and support its natural processes

If you suffer from oneof the above mentioned problems – then we will definitely recommend a homeopathic ampul treatment, by all means, for a 3-6 months period (the longer the period the better cleanse and edification will occur).

A homeopathic cleanse is perfect for you who want to prepare your body for a pregnancy 🙂 Do you have any difficulties in getting pregnant we can help you!

We always put together a homeopathic ampul treatment for your individual needs and desires.


A homeopathic ampul treatment is an easy supplement to your everyday life. An ampul treatment consists of small glass bottles with the finest natural medicine inside. You drink the contents, keep it in your mouth for a moment to make your mucous membranes absorb it, and then swallow the liquid afterwards (it tastes like water with very little salt) 5 days a week, with a break during the weekend. It is a very simple and easy solution!

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1 month of ampul treatment: 140 $ + postage
3 months of ampul treatment: 422 $ + postage(can be paid in 3 installments)
6 months of ampul treatment: Normally 836 $ Now 792 $ (save the postage)(can be paid in 6 installments)
(Write us if you are pregnant. If you are breast-feeding please note that in your e-mail. If you want to buy an ampoule treatment for your animal click here.Have you already purchased ampoules? Then find instructions her: guidance to take ampoules.

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