Chloe Bjoerk

Chloe N. Bjoerk

I have from the early years of my childhood had a different interpretation of emotions, diet, body and understanding than what was considered normal. I was looking for someone to share my views and interpretations with and to further develop that side of myself. By the age of 14, I started my journey.

In my world, everything plays together and it has always been my nature to take care of the body and the mind. We should not exclude one or the other. Nor do we know where our problem first occured . Was it grief or was it a physical instance that kicked off the depression? – Therefore is it important that we help our bodies and ourselves both physically and mentally!

My current occupation is my calling in life.

Not everything has been learned by being taught, but something that lies deep within me. My journey has given me some absolutely fantastic educations, programs and courses with competent and skilled teachers.

During my treatments my focus will be in viewing you as a whole. Therefore will your experience be that I will not just work with one thing.

You might have spend many years working with your mind, your thoughts,  been doing yoga, meditated, and broke old habits etc., yet it seems that something is lacking inside, and according to me, you are absolutely right, because you lack the physical picture, which means what is happening under your skin. It may be that you lack amino acids, which result in you wandering around in circles, or that you often gets sick, and lacks antioxidants.

I am not satisfied with an “unfortunately, I do not have the answer for that” or a “I don’t know”. I am convinced that there is a solution for everything!

For me it is extremely important that we look at every aspect of your life.

If I had to describe myself in three words:
Honest, loving and spacious

Description of Chloe:
Chloe is a very deep person. She looks into you in a way that makes you feel like she knows you better than you do yourself. She manages to help you to  understand yourself and your body’s signals. She helps you get into your body and feel the real you.

Chloe meets you where your state of mind is – up as well as down. She has the ability not to inflict an opinion, a stance or a feeling and never cause you a sense of attitude or a judgement. It feels as if her mission is to teach yourself to take responsibility.