Cellulite or cellulitis

Cellulite or cellulitis is a deep/old inflammation in the skin’s connective tissue.

The body is so awesome, it does everything for us to survive. It has a survival method in which it can store the waste and the badness in your fat and connective tissue. It’s super smart, because it means that the body protects the important functions in the body.

The body detoxifies all on a first in – first out. It is happening here and now, it is something that it takes care of. It happens tomorrow. If we live a life that is filled with refined food (which the body can not effectively use for anything, and that does not contain some sensible building materials), get plenty of waste, endocrine disrupting substances, effects on the blood sugar by not eating, by overeating, by eating too much sweets, the nervous system is due to the blood sugar is not stable, you experience stress at work, children crying in kindergarten, then the body is busy and cannot function at all.

Your body has not changed since the Stone Age, but it’s your way of life, culture and the environment. So it means that you had ‘the same’ life then and today, but today you have much more to do.

When the body does not have time to take care of it all; it will break down the food you eat, send the nutrition through the blood, purifying the blood, bring liquid to the kidneys, the cleaning liquid and send the waste on to the bladder. The bowel movement should be sent through the muscles in the gut pressed down towards the anus, you needtobreathe, removing waste substances in the air you breathe , thoughts and strange feelings, etc..

So when the body doesn’t have enough energy to run through it all, things are added to a queue.

So, honestly! How long is your queue?

You have an idea of how long your queue is, by looking at the problems in your body. Does it function as it should?  Do you feel happy? Would you like to have sex with your partner everyday? Do you want to make yourself pretty yourself? Do you have a regular bowel movement at least twice a day? Do you pee once every hour? Are you fresh when you wake up? Are you tired when you go to bed? Are you fresh throughout the day? Do you have strong legs and back? Can you feel your hunger and when you are full? Do you feel your thirst? Do you feel your youth?

If all is running well then you shouldn’t carry on the reading.

I always think that we can do anything, even I get ideas every day on how I can support myself even more <3

6-phase system

Friederich and I, as well as those from our Health Mentor Education (only in danish for now) work under a system called six phase system.

It is a system that your body runs after a so-called purge / illness system. It shows how the body works in the different phases of the body.

When something should be handled in the first phase, example a bacteria or some body waste that is when we experience light/white nasal mucus or light/white fluid in your underwear. In the next phase the nasal mucus becomes yellow/green. In the third phase it becomes brown/black and the body might not be ready for it to get it out of the body.

Once here, it goes around the biological section and thereby become a part of the body. This means that the body was not strong enough (did not have enough time / not had surplus) to get it out of the body and it is therefore stored in the body.

Again, the body is awesome! It knows that it must be so far away from the heart, lungs and other organs, it knows that fat can expand and therefore it can store waste where it carries the body into outer tissues where it can not do any “great damage “. That is where it “ dies”. In Phase 4 and 5, where we can see the disease and in phase 6 very serious diseases.

Only you know how much you can store in your body.

For the ill you are, the less inventory you have to ‘save’ waste.

Cellulite are developed in about 3-6 months.

So in short cellulite is dead tissue.

So what can you do?

I think that the first thing you need is to stop future cellulite and you do this by starting to take responsibility for what you put in your mouth today and going forward.

For as I said earlier, the body cleanses through the principle: first in – first out and that is that you must minimize something that its work so that it can look at everything it has pushed to the side, to work here and now.

We can make ourselves sick – we can make ourselves healthy.

The body can heal itself, it does so every day by building and renewing cells.

  • So I recommend you that you will reduce the intake of refined foods and buy organic food that is vibrant. Download our free e-book that is filled with good ideas for how your day could look like, so we recommend what we do and then there’s good recipes.
  • Avoid all kinds of chemicals in your body and in your home. See a beautiful blog posts here with ideas.
  • Drink more than 2 liters of water daily.
  • Glutamine is great to cleanse body waste out, so it’s super to have in the closet.
  • Get plenty of vitamin C, minimum 2-3 grams on a daily basis to strengthen your immune system and boost your levels of antioxidants (which helps to fight the intruders and heal the survivors in your body).
  • It is also important for your bowel movement, so you can absorb the nutrition your body needs. Be sure to get plenty of good oils and probiotic. Remember, you get 5% in VitanetShop.com using the discount code: currame.
  • A ampoule treatment is probably the important remedy for cellulite when we put together a cure exactly designed for people who go in and supports your body’s work and go on a deeper layer, where it stirs up what is deadlocked. Buy it here.



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