About Us

We are holistic practitioners and we look at you as a whole and acknowledge that your lifestyle, your mentality/mind and your body are coupled. We can help you attain a better well-being and enjoyment throughout an ordinary day, in body and in mind!

Regardless of what you want to achieve in your life – whether it is to get rid of your eczema, your bowel problems, your eating disorder, or whether you dream of a pregnancy, feel a presence in the moment, to live a healthy life, to obtain peace with your past or to reach an understanding of your inner dialogues, we can help you reach your goals.

It is important to us as practitioners that we can help and guide you so that you can get to the place in your life you want to be with the best of respect.
The solution is that your head and your body need to cooperate. 

It is important to us that you understand the importance in building up your body, and by that prevent future illnesses. We always view your body as a whole. Your genetics, your thoughts, you knees, your habits, your lifestyle and your diet is equal and needs to be balanced equally.

It is important to us that you get a natural understanding for what we recommend you! It will be easier to live in accordance with our recommendations when you are aware and understand the cause of your imbalance. “A balance between hormones, mentality and you physical condition is fundamental for your welfare,” Chloe Bjoerk expresses.

Our philosophy is to create what is best for you!

As our client, you will get a great insight to how the body works and gets affected. How you can avoid negative influences that impacts you physically and mentally!

Throughout a course with us you will obtain knowledge about:

  • How you daily will attain more enjoyment and leisure within your body
  • How you avoid waste products in your diet and in your surroundings
  • Insight in self-recovery and self-detoxification of the body
  • Insight in how dietary supplements affects the body
  • What benefits and what undermines?
  • Body signals and their meaning
  • What products/dietary supplements/foods/methods are better than others
  • Food and chemistry  – Food and emotions

“There is nothing wrong, we, as human beings, are simply not trained to interpret our body signals,” Freiderich Damore Bruun says.