Homeopathic ampoules for children age 3,5 year – 12 year

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735 / month for 6 months



Do you want to give your child’s body a loving boost? Then this homeopathic ampule treatment is the best solution for you!

  • Do you think your child is sick often?
  • Do you find that your child has difficulties in getting rid of a running nose and coughing?
  • Does your child lack some extra support dealing with all the new impressions and processes?
  • Is your child sensitive?
  • Does your child have difficulties being calm?

Children are so intuitive and amazing, which is why it is very easy simply to support them. They sense something and respond to the situation, and often a little support would be enough for them to move on.  Homeopathy could, therefore, be a great solution for children. It is easy to take (and can actually be funny) and it does not taste bad.

Homeopathy is a natural biomedical and will support the body’s own processes. The homeopathy takes care of and support the body; it kicks off the body’s self-healing process and provides physical and mental support, which can be needed from time to time.


A child’s development might sometimes feel overwhelming. Their body changes fast, they are away from home for a greater part of the day and has to deal with all the new impressions, feelings and thoughts that often can be difficult to express and put into words, while they are still very intuitive and sensitive. Therefore, a homeopathic ampoule treatment would be an option made with care since homeopathy can support body and mind, connect the dots, create peace, strength and energy. In addition to that, the ampoule treatment supports the immune defence mechanism so your child does not have to get down with a flu every winter or daily be dealing with cough and sniffles.

Homeopathy helps the body battling diseases and regain your healthy biological balance. Homeopathic medicine supports the adjustments of your inner processes. Instead of oppressing the symptoms, homeopathy is designed to help the body getting back to its biological state.

We always compose a homeopathic ampoule treatment according to your individual needs and desires.

A homeopathic ampoule treatment is an easy supplement for your daily routine. An ampoule treatment is composed of small glass bottles with the finest natural medicine inside. The content should be taken orally; keep the liquid inside the mouth for a moment until the mucous membrane absorb it and then the liquid can be swallowed (it tastes like water with very little salt, if your child does not like taste, it can easily be mixed with water or something else 🙂 ). It is a very easy and simple solution!

If your child is not able to get out the liquid, we will send some pipettes along with the ampoule treatment, which easily will get it out.

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Children aged 1 – 3.5 years: 88 $ + shipping (available for 1, 3 and 6 months (when purchasing 6 months there will be a discount))
Children from 3.5 years – 12 years: 120 $ + shipping(available from 1, 3 and 6 months (when purchasing 6 months there will be a discount))
Children from 12 years and older: 145 $ + shipping(available in 1, 3 and 6 months (when purchasing 6 months there will be a discount))

When you click the payment link, we will ask the questions needed to compose the ampoule treatment for your child’s individual need! The ampoules will be packed in bubble wrap and will be sent in a beautiful box. 

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