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1:1 course – reduce sadness, anxiety and depression in your life

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Say goodbye to sadness, anxiety and depression in your life!

Is this for you?

  • Do you experience sadness often?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you have an uncontrollable desire for sugar, starch, alcohol and smoking?
  • Do you experience excessive thoughts?
  • Do you have low selfesteem and get nervous a lot?
  • Do you get easily angry, irritated and mad?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety and depression?
  • Do you have obsessive thoughts, OCD or phobias?

Then this course is for you!

According to Berlingske and DR, over 300.000 people suffer from anxiety and every 5th person in Denmark suffers from depression!

We always see the body as a whole and recognize that your lifestyle, diet, thoughts, upbringing, genetics and body are all connected. That’s why we always we always work holistically with the body.

When we work with anxiety,depression, bad selfesteem and nervousness etc. We can’t help, but to look at your nervous system, blodsugar regulation and the happiness hormones in your body!

We always see a connection with: Lacks, low serotonin, unstable blood sugar, the biological clock and depression/anxiety

Book this course and let us help you move on! Make it possible to live a life with happiness, peace and butterflies in the stomach!

For several years I’ve read a lot about the body, mind, diet and health in general, though without navigating properly through it and implementing it in my life. One day I found Chloe online/on the internet and there wasn’t a moment of uncertainty about the fact that I wanted to join her hormone-course!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had pain in my mind, which my body started reacting to in the end. I’ve been to countless examinations at my doctor, without any explanations about the pains in my body. The reason I joined this course is because I wanted to create balance in my mind and body -> get well.

Before I started the course I was, as I’ve been for many years – sad, I had an inner dissatisfaction/discontent, numbed my feelings with the wrong diet. Besides that I took antidepressive/antidepressant medication.

Chloe is such an inspiring human being. She passes on her knowledge and passion in a way that can only inspire and motivate you. Chloe is love and honesty – she sees you and supports you so well and professionally with her precious knowledge.

I dont take antidepressant medication anymore.

I’ve learned so much about the biochemistry in the body, the diet’s importance for my psychological and physical health.

I’m full of respect for Chloes being and work and I would recommend her anytime.
Natine, 30 years old and a teacher at a special needs school, participant at Team 2

This is the course:

We are holistic practitioners, that see you as a whole and recognize the fact that your lifestyle, your mind, your psyche and your body are all connected!  We can help you achieve more wellbeing and enjoyment in your everyday life, both body and mind! It’s very important for us, that we look at all aspects of your life and give you the understanding for the adjustments and changes that we start during the treatment course.

The course is going to contain mentoring, diet adjustment, cleansing and edification with the help of dietary supplements and also understanding and knowledge. We’ll send you the dietary supplements, if you choose package 1 eller 3, we’ll send you a specially designed ampul treatment for your body, dietary supplement plan and a treatment plan. Besides that we’ll kickstart the couse with a 15 minute online talk and you also have a free e-mail correnspondence during the the entire course.

We will help you solve the problems, you’re experiencing, so you can get new energy and joy in your system!

During the course we will take a look:

  • Your lifestyle and everyday life
  • Labtests from your doctor, others or done by us
  • Your patterns and habits
  • Lacks in your body, that create blockages in your life
  • How you can rebuild yourself again and maintain it.
  • Your thought universe and selfesteem.
  • Your wants/desires and needs/wishes

Read more about our treatment method here.


The sessions last 60 minutes each and are held at Nimb Hotel by Tivoli in Copenhagen or over a Skype video call.

After your first session you’ll receive a dietary plan put together considering your body and needs, also an e-book with currame recipes. After each session you’ll receive  PDF files with the recommendations and actions we’ve been through.

If you have any further questions, you can e-mail us at


1.850 kr. SAVE 80 kr.

  • From depression to happiness
  • 1 x 15 min. online-session
  • 1-month curra me dietary supplement
    (normal price: 1.286 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplements that support and build up
  • E-book
  • Get started email
  • Free e-mail correspondence


19.995 kr. SAVE 2520 kr. / Pay 2.857 kr. per month.

  • From depression to happiness
  • 6 x 60. online-sessions
  • 1 x 15 min. online-session
  • 6 months curra me dietary supplements
    (normal price: 5.644 kr.)
  • 6 months homoeopathic ampoule treatment
    (normal price: 5.735 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplement that support and build-up
  • E-book
  • Get-started e-mail
  • Free e-mail correspondence


6.995 kr. SAVE 941 kr. / Pay 2.335 kr. per month.

  • From depression to happiness
  • 2 x 60 min. online-sessions
  • 1 x 15 min. Online-session
  • 2 months curra me dietary supplements
    (normal price: 2.044 kr.)
  • 2 months homoeopathic ampoule treatment
    (normal price 1935 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplement that support and build-up
  • E-book
  • Get-started e-mail
  • Free e-mail correspondence

Add a test + a session:
SAVE 500 kr.


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