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Analyse your inner system

The Organix test is perfect for you wants do the best for your body!
It tells you exactly where your body needs help and support. It will give you ideas as to how you can optimize and avoid future imbalances.

We will definitely recommend everyone to take this test!

You probably use your money on nutritional supplement daily, and, honestly, you do not know if they work 100%, do you? The Organix test will tell exactly what you need!

The Organix profile will reveal nutritional and metabolic imbalances in your body, and through the test you will figure out why you suffer from body riots and symptoms for anxiety, mood swings, immune reactions, rheumatism, pain etc.

A simple specimen of urine can give the answer.

The Organix analysis is used as a tool to understand your body as best as possible!

Do you keep having allergies, eczema, pain or anything else?
The analysis can be used if you want to optimize the body’s possibilities in handling the daily stress (pollution, use of medicine, aging, working out etc.)

The test is also perfect for you who wants to be parents!

To create a healthy pregnancy every condition need to be taken into consideration, both at Mom and Dad. This test can help you give yourself, your husband/wife and your baby the best!

Do you suffer from:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache/migraine
  • Hormone issues
  • Bloatedness
  • Eating disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Enhance in weight
  • Allergies
  • Infertility
  • Pain
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cancer
  • Inflammation
  • Invalidity

The Organix test include

  • Inadequacies with vitamins and minerals
  • Lacking of amino acids as carnation and N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
  • Oxidative injure and antioxidant self-sufficiency level
  • An indicator to estimate the accessibility of detoxification
  • The best functional marker for lacking of vitamin B complex
  • Neotransmitter metabolites to estimate the central nervous system’s (CNS) functions
  • Mitochondrion estimate of the production of energy through citric acid cycle’s components
  • Methylation level status
  • Lipoid acid and CoQ10 self-sufficiency
  • Specific dysbiosis level for bacterial, fungal infection, yeast increasing

Organic acids:

Accumulation of organic acids is typically due to a biochemical blockade in the body. Often, the blockade can mend by choosing the right diet, nutritional supplements, and the right life style and homeopathy. The Organix analysis measures more than 45 different markers that each gives an answer to the human’s individual biochemistry. The many markers gives a broad image of the body as a whole, so a goal-oriented treatment can start.

Burning of fat:

Does fat not metabolize as it should, the energy does not extract correctly and greater parts of the fat is stored as fat deposits. The Organix analysis will show if the burning of fat has to be supported.

Burning of carbohydrate:

Does carbohydrate not metabolize correctly, the cells will not function as they should, why fatigue can be a side effect. The Organix analysis will show which nutrient that is lacking as a biochemical helping matter.

Energy trading:

The body has to create energy from the food. When digesting the food decompose into smaller parts that can enter into the process provided by energy. The process of energy is only working correctly if it gets the correct nutrients. The Organix analysis shows if there is any blockade plus which nutrients that profitably can ingested.

Lacking of vitamin B:

Vitamin B exists in hundreds of systems of enzymes within the body. They are important in relation to cardiovascular diseases, the health of the fetus, the mood etc. Exactly what vitamin Bs that might be lacking is shown in the Organix analysis.


The signal matters of the nerves are important in relation to mood and mind, but will also show something about the stress conditions in the body. Constipation can for instance be a result of lacking signal matters of the nerves in the intestine.

Liver detoxificational function:

The liver detoxes in several stages. The Organix analysis will show if the liver detoxes correctly and which stage that shows reduced function.

Antioxidant status:

Antioxidants are important when fighting the damaging free radicals. They are often created when the body is exposed to pollution. Despite an great intake of fruits and vegestables, lacking of antioxidants can still occur.

Increasing of decaying bacteria in the intestines:

If digestion is not operate correctly an increasing of decaying bacteria in the intestines can occur, and that can affect the motion pattern, consistency, odor etc. The Organix analysis will show if your digestion is affected by the increase of bacteria. If your digestion is not functioning properly you cannot digest your nourishment and nutritional supplement as you are supposed to.

Too much fungus in your intestines:

Stress, intake of fast food or refined food and use of antibiotics can result in too much fungus in the intenstines. The Organix analysis will show if you are affected by too much fungus.


To create a balance within your body can reduce the symptoms prevent future diseases. The Organix analysis is developed to give us a documentation and tools to give you the best treatment and prioritize the body’s conditions and treat you as an individual. You will know how pollute your body is, what and where your shortcomings are in the body and a lot more.

Sample requirements:

A specimen of urine (morning), a fasting test.



Read more about our system here.

Through the session we will together redeem the problems you are experiencing, and new energy will get through your system and we will part with happy bobbles in our stomachs. 

NOTE: If you are already in treatment with us, and/or know which tests you want, then you can write an e-mail to us and we will place your order. When the test is analyzed (it takes about 14-20 days), we will meet for a session (not part of the test-price) and go through the results.

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