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1:1 Course- from sickness to health

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From sick to healthy

Every third person in this country deals with one or more long term illnesses.

This course is for you:

  • who suffer from one or more imbalances
  • you are chronically ill
  • you suffer from an autoimmune disease
  • you are incurably ill

In Denmark we typically die from cardiovascular diseases such as blood clots, cancer, Alzheimer’s, lung diseases and diabetes.

If we could choose: we would like to use our retirement years to travel, play with our grandchildren and teach at big conferences about health.

What would you do? Most Danes suffer from one or more long term illnesses that effect on the life quality.

Facts about today:

  • 15.000 people die from cancer every year
  • Every fourth Dane die from a heart related illness. More than 466.000 Danes live with a cardiovascular disease.
  • 880.000 people in Denmark suffer from loin and back pains
  • 640.000 people suffer from migraines
  • 22% of the Danish population suffer from allergies

Most health problems are actually deficiency diseases. They appear when certain parts of the body is malnourished.

It is crucial for your well-being that your body has the building materials it needs to sustain a healthy status. If you experience one of the above-mentioned problems, it is a sign that your body needs attention.

Learn to build and heal your body.  Let us help you with your illness and imbalances and live a life full of happiness, health, energy and vitality.

We would love to help you move on.

At the risk of writing one of those stories I cannot stand, as they sound of too much or are way too good. I will give it a try and hopefully readers will understand my story with its intended spirit.

I met Friederich two summers ago. He was recommended by acquaintances. I needed a capable “life doctor”. I was clinging on to my life. At Rigshospitalet I was told by the doctors that they would not sell me a 6 months newspaper prescription. My normal weight was about 85 kg and I weighed over 100 kg and could not fit into any of my clothes. I gasped for air, my liver was affected, I had absolutely no energy and I was dragging myself along.

Friederich talked with me and asked me to tell a little bit about myself. All the while he was looking at me and straight through me. When I had finished telling my story he got up and asked me to provide a urine sample (organix test) and then we could meet again when he had the answer. We met and he created a plan for me in a quiet manner without any drama.  I felt at ease despite my obvious complications.

We met again about 4-5 months later. At that point I was almost back to my normal weight, about 85 kg and had more color in my skin. Most importantly: I was still alive!

Later on, Friederich was honest enough to tell me that even he was not sure I would survive. But – I am the one who have written these lines.

With loving thanks and much more,

Kent Richardt, drum player and artist

The course will proceed as follows:

We are holistic healers who look at you as a whole and acknowledge that your lifestyle, your mind, your psyche and your body are connected. We can help you reach a better well-being and pleasure in your everyday life, both in your body and mind. It is incredibly important that we look at all the aspects of your life and give you an understanding of the adjustments and changes, that we will initiate during the treatment program.

The course will include mentoring, dietary adjustments, cleansing and build-up through dietary supplements as well as an understanding and knowledge. You will receive dietary supplements, and if you choose the simple package 2 or the complete package 3 you will also receive a special designed ampoule treatment for your body, dietary supplement plan and treatment plan. Besides that, you will receive a 15-minute-long online conversation and free e-mail correspondence during the treatment program.

We want to help you get your problems released with the intent of getting new energy in your system!

During the course we will look at:

  • Your lifestyle and everyday life
  • Laboratory tests from your doctor (can be conducted here)
  • Your patterns and habits
  • Deficiencies within your body that create blockages in your life
  • How you can rebuild yourself and maintain it
  • Your thought universe and self-worth
  • Your needs and wishes

Read more about our treatment methods here.


The sessions each last for 60 minutes and is held at Nimb Hotel by Tivoli in Copenhagen or over video Skype.

After your first session you will receive a dietary supplement assembled based on your body along with an e-book with currame recipes. After every session you will receive PDF’s with recommendations and initiates we have been through.

If you have questions that needs to be clarified please e-mail:


1.850 kr. SAVE 80 kr.

  • From sick to healthy
  • 1 x 15 min. online-session
  • 1 month curra me dietary supplements
    (normal price: 1.286 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplement that support and build-up
  • E-book
  • Get-started e-mail
  • Free e-mail correspondence


19.995 kr. SAVE 2520 kr. / Pay 2.857 kr. per month.

  • From sick to healthy
  • 6 x 60. online-sessions
  • 1 x 15 min. online-session
  • 6 months curra me dietary supplements
    (normal price: 5.644 kr.)
  • 6 months homoeopathic ampoule treatment r
    (normal price: 5.735 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplement that support and build-up
  • E-book
  • Get-started e-mail
  • Free e-mail correspondence


6.995 kr. SAVE 941 kr. / Pay 2.335 kr. per month.

  • From sick to healthy
  • 2 x 60 min. online-sessions
  • 1 x 15 min. online-session
  • 2 months curra me dietary supplements
    (normal price: 2.044 kr.)
  • 2 måneder homøopatisk ampulkur
    (normal price 1935 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplement that support and build-up
  • E-book
  • Get-started e-mail
  • Free e-mail correspondence

Add a test + a session:
SAVE 500 kr.


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