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1:1 course – from hormonal imbalance to hormonal balance

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Go from hormonal imbalance to balance:

  • 15-20% of couples experience infertility.
  • 20% of all women in Denmark experience hormonal infertility.
  • Every 7th woman in the childbearing age is suffering from PCO (polycystic ovaries)

Do you wish to prevent the above and help your body and your hormonal system?

Your body secretes and circulates about 100 different hormones.

Your hormones are chemical messengers that affect your vitality, mood, immune system, nervous system, emotions, metabolism, brain, homeostase, energy production, growth, body temperature, reactions and much more.

Your hormonal system is essential for your well being!

Do you experience one or several of these problems?

  • Painful and/or irregular periods
  • Low or high metabolism
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • PMS
  • Low sexdrive
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Infertility
  • Menopause problems
  • Diabetes

Then this 1:1 course is just for you!

Your hormonal imbalance is linked to everything about you, your way of thinking, your habits and defects. All hormones work closely together and are part of each others production, so their functionality is essential for you and your well being!

Learn to treat your hormonal system – go from imbalance to balance and prevent future ailments! We would love to help you move forward!

If you’re having a hard time getting pregnant, then don’t hesitate to contact Friedrich and Chloe!

I’ve been through a long fertility treatment process throughout 3-4 years. We went through inseminations and test tube treatments, and when I finally got pregnant it ended with involuntary miscarriages both times.

The hormonal treatments take a toll on your body, both physically and mentally. So my body was tired with a couple of defects.

After the 10th treatment process I contacted Friedrich, whom I’d found online. His natural way with things and the opportunity to get tested specifically what my body needed sounded appealing to me. I got an Organix-test taken, which resulted in a dietary supplement treatment and a homeopathic ampul treatment. When I had taken both of those for a period of time, we started with the 11th treatment process. Now we finally had our luck with us – I’m sitting here with my beautiful boy right in front of me!

Before that I had tried with acupuncture, body-SDS etc. without any luck. I’m certain I wouldn’t be sitting here with my son today without the recovery my body got after the seance with Friedrich.

I can highly recommend both Friedrich and Chloe. They are warmhearted, accommodating people who are genuinely interested and will do their best for you. The best recommendations from here.

Benedikte Larsen, Client Service Manager and german translator, 44 years old.

This is the course:

We’re holistic practitioners, that see you as a whole and recognize the fact that your lifestyle, your mind, your psyche and your body is all connected! We can help you achieve more wellness and pleasure/satisfation in your everyday life, both body and mind! It’s very important for us to look at all aspects of your life and give you the understanding for those adjustments and changes that we start throughout the treatment course.

The course will contain mentoring, diet adjustment, detoxing/cleansing and rebuilding with the help of dietary supplements and understanding and knowledge. We will send a dietary supplement plan and if you choose package 2 or 3, we’ll send you a special designed ampul treatment for your body, dietary supplement plan and treatment plan, we’ll also kickstart the process with a 15 minute online talk and you’ll have free e-mail correspondence throughout the whole process.

We want to help you solve the problems, you experience so new energy can land in your system!

Throught out the process we’ll be looking at:

  • Your lifestyle and everyday life.
  • Labtests from your doctor, others or done by us.
  • Your routines and habits
  • Defects in your body that cause blockages in your life.
  • How you can rebuild yourself again and maintain it.
  • Your thought universe and selfconfidence.
  • Your needs/desires and wishes.

Read about our treatment method here.

The sessions

The sessions are over 60 minutes each and are held at Nimb Hotel by Tivoli in Copenhagen or over a Skype video call.

After your first session you’ll recieve a dietary supplement plan composed from your body and hormonal system, also an e-bog with currame recipes, After each session you’ll receive PDF files with the recommendations and actions we’ve been through.

If you have any follow up/clarifying questions, you can e-mail us at


1.850 kr. SAVE 80 kr.

  • From hormone imbalance to hormone balance
  • 1 x 15 min. online-session
  • 1 month curra me dietary supplements
    (normal price: 1.286 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplement that support and build-up
  • E-book
  • Get-started e-mail
  • Free e-mail correspondence


19.995 kr. SAVE 2520 kr. / Pay 2.857 kr. per month.

  • From hormone imbalance to hormone balance
  • 6 x 60. online-sessions
  • 1 x 15 min. online-session
  • 6 months curra me dietary supplements
    (normal price: 5.644 kr.)
  • 6 months homoeopathic ampoule treatment
    (normal price: 5.735 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplement that support and build-up
  • E-book
  • Get-started e-mail
  • Free e-mail correspondence


6.995 kr. SAVE 941 kr. / Pay 2.335 kr. per month.

  • From hormone imbalance to hormone balance
  • 2 x 60 min. online-sessions
  • 1 x 15 min. online-session
  • 2 months curra me dietary supplements
    (normal price: 2.044 kr.)
  • 2 months homoeopathic ampoule treatment
    (normal price 1935 kr.)
  • Treatment plan
  • Referral for dietary supplement that support and build-up
  • E-book
  • Get-started e-mail
  • Free e-mail correspondence

Add a test + a session:
SAVE 500 kr.


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